About JMS Digital Technologies

We could all benefit from some additional support here and there. This rings especially true today, in the ever-growing, perpetually-evolving digital age.

There are certainly no shortage of options when it comes to support and web-development service providers, each claiming adept at navigating the technological landscape with ease, only to leave their clients with substandard results, the bill, and the palpable sense that they are just another item on the to-do list – existing purely to be eagerly crossed off and forgotten about in order to move on to the next faceless duty.

Simple as it may be, for JMS Digital Technologies, this is the differentiator. Whether you’re running a business, or just a personal website, your vision—and all of its nuances—matter. Your relationship matters. Your success spells our success. The inverse is also true. It all sounds so obvious, doesn’t it?

Beyond being an expert in his field – the best I’ve worked with – Jared truly cares about his clients and has an ethical compass employers can usually only hope for. He’s gained legendary status on our campus and I cannot recommend Jared enough.
Gina Messina, Ph.D, MBAExecutive Director and Associate Professor, Ursuline College – Institute for Women, Wellness & Work

JMS Digital Technologies is committed to offering honest, ethical, and top-rated service. We are founded on the belief that you should get what you pay for, and that every customer deserves a finished product they are proud to share – and that we’re proud point to.

Across hundreds of projects and ongoing relationships with dozens of happy clients, JMS Digital Technologies is recognized for its expertise, efficiency, high-performance results, and an exceptional level of pride taken in delivering on—and often exceeding—the goals and expectations of its customers. We believe we deliver on our mission and core values and look forward to supporting you with your digital and tech needs.

JMS Digital Technologies looks forward to supporting you and your vision. Let’s talk about it, free of charge, by phone or whatever your preferred means of communication may be, to go over scope and details more deeply, as well as to confirm how JMS Digital Technologies experience and expertise will result in your seeing that vision through.

Meet Jared Steckler

Hi, I’m Jared – a web developer, digital marketer and technology consultant, based in Long Island, New York, with broad experience and expertise across many of the most valuable tools, applications and technologies that the vast digital landscape has to offer.

I began my professional career as a sportswriter, published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Courier Post, NJ.com, Bleacher Report – anyone who would pay me to write, really.

While my passion for sports journalism endures, I decided to parlay my writing chops, and my familiarity with the digital media world, into a role that would both foster and facilitate an opportunity to exercise my natural strengths across fields that—as it turns out—I had an effortless (and once-unbeknownst) passion for.

In what felt like no time at all, web design and development emerged as my new professional love, and the tech world my new stomping grounds. While I was fortunate enough to quickly rise through the ranks in the corporate world, I needed more of this. That led me to the freelance-platform Upwork where I earned the ‘Top Rated’ freelancer badge in record time. Soon enough, my side hustle became something more – JMS Digital Technologies was launched.

My work is grounded in the mission of the company, and I only submit work I know I can take pride in. If it were my website, or my business, would I be happy with the finished product? To me, no matter the project and no matter the client, that question is innately inescapable. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your web and digital needs.

If not already made painfully clear via the domain name or the self-aggrandizing name-as-website-logo, I’m Jared!

I’m a web developer and consultant, based in Long Island, New York, with broad expertise across digital marketing, digital tools and technology.

Before getting into all things web and digital, I was a sportswriter, published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Courier Post, NJ.com, Bleacher Report – anyone who would pay me to write, really.

And before that, I was a clerk at a local law firm, with aspirations of attending law school and all that good stuff…but that’s a story for another time!

After dipping my toes in the waters of journalism, I decided to try to parlay my writing chops—and my natural familiarity with the digital media world—into a role in marketing or PR. I was fortunate enough to land that digital marketing role fairly quickly, and one of the duties of the position I was hired for included the handling of minor updates on the company’s website. The rest, as they say, is history (and wow, writing that idiom out made me realizes how silly and meaningless it is – at least in this context)!

I immediately—and unexpectedly—fell in love with web development and design. Part and parcel to my newfound obsession, my role rapidly evolved from simple website copy updates to so much more; from page-template design, to adding new custom functionality, to internal process and workflow automation, and beyond.

I couldn’t get enough of what had indisputably become my professional passion, so, eventually, I created a freelancer account on Upwork, rose through the ranks to earn ‘Top Rated’ freelancer status on the platform in the bare minimum time permitted to do so, and continue to hone and harness my skills—and client base—today.